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PMK Systems

Woodworking End-Matching Systems

The most innovative Coping, Tenoning & End-Matching Systems offered to the woodworking market today.

Woodworking End-Matching SystemsThe PMK C-1203 & C-1205 provides a new solution for coping and end-matching without chipping, splintering or blow-out. Because we use two counter rotating spindles, our systems do not need a chip breaker or blow-out piece. Place work pieces on the table, and activate the machine. The work piece is automatically clamped securely to the table and moved past the cutter heads, which are located behind a safety barrier. With our system quality, efficiency and safety are greatly improved.

The table moves on high quality linear rails like those used on CNC routers. This insures precise location of the table and work pieces in relationship to the cutters. Our Patented eccentric hold down clamp is also guided by linear rails and is driven from the center of the hold down clamp. Since the hold down clamp is always parallel to the work table rejects are virtually eliminated

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PMK Family, LLC

7521 Willow Springs Drive

Knoxville, TN 37938


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