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About PMK Machinery Systems In the spring of 2007, Mike Edwards asked me to go with him to look at a new machine that I might find of interest. One of his customers had built a coping machine that was different from anything he had seen, so I went with Mike to visit the Westmoreland Cabinet Shop.

This visit changed my life. I met Phillip Willis. Phillip, Founder of PMK Machinery and a door manufacturer himself, was determined that there had to be a better way to produce a quality product without the problems associated with traditional methods of coping door components. A professional woodworker who knows the nature of wood and the principles of woodworking, he decided that it could be done and went to work on the idea that led to the PMK C-1203 & C-1205 Coping and End-Matching Systems.

I got a good look at his coping machine and was amazed. I had been to Italy, Germany and many other countries but I had not seen anything like this piece of equipment. I immediately saw the machine’s potential to innovate how coping and end-matching is done on an industrial level. We discussed the machine and what had to be done to bring it to the industrial woodworking market. After several hours of detailed conversation we decided to introduce this machine to the U.S. market. The success of PMK Machinery is greatly the result of the contributions that Phillip Willis has brought to the new company. He is still a major contributor to the business; and manufactures the machines in Westmoreland, Tennessee.

In 2009, Phillip came to me and said, “It is difficult for me to run both my woodworking door company and PMK machinery. Are you are interested in purchasing the Coping & End-Matching Machines part of my business?” I was overwhelmed and excited. We put a deal together and I, Kenneth Corbin, purchased that company from Phillip. This year, we introduced the third generation of the Coping & End-Matching Systems at the 2010 IWF Show.


PMK Family, LLC

7521 Willow Springs Drive

Knoxville, TN 37938


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