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Below are some of the reasons why you should be using PMK Systems.

  • No back-up piece or chip breaker required
  • Coping of square, single or double profiled parts, as well as end matching with no chipping, blow-out or splintering.
  • Unlimited length of parts
  • Cycle time 4 to 10 seconds (adjustable)
  • Material hold down clamp is always parallel to work table, keeping even pressure across the work piece to eliminate rocking of the piece which create rejects.
  • Linear rails (THK style) insure proper alignment of the table to the cutter heads
  • Rejects are virtually eliminated & manufacturing time is reduced.
  • Quality, efficiency and safety are greatly improved.
  • Manufacturing of cabinet doors, interior & exterior doors and flooring simplified
  • Tooling change-over time is approximately 2 minutes.
  • Our system may help reduce Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and possible workers comp claims. PMK System is pneumatic (air operated). Step on the foot pedal and the system works automatically. There are no repetitive movements (right to left or left to right) which can cause CTS.
  • Our systems are affordable and have a small foot-print.

PMK Family, LLC

7521 Willow Springs Drive

Knoxville, TN 37938


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