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PMK HSK Specifications

NEW Custom C-1203 PLC with HSK Quick Change Spindles
With 8” Touch Screen Monitor & Direct Drive Spindles

Chip free coping or end-matching of squares or profiled parts without the need of a back-up piece.
(2) HSK Direct Drive Counter Rotating Spindles, Diameter 1 ¼”
Tool holder / Milling arbor 1.25” Length of spindle 55mm, 2.165”
Both spindles direct drive rotating from 6000 to 9,000 rpm’s (variable speed) controlled with PLC & monitor.
(2) 7.5 HP. Motor, 230/460 volts (please specify your voltage). @230 volts/35amps, @ 460 volts/20amps
New safety interlock safety hood, which will not open till spindles have stopped rotating.
NEW Safety Hood with glass lenses for checking rotation of spindles.
Maximum cutter diameter 5” OD, Minimum Cutter diameter 3.5” OD.
Maximum SIZE of part 2 ½” thick & 9 ½” wide.
Minimum length of part 3” Maximum depth of cut ¾”
Minimum width of part is determined by the O.D. of the cutter and if the part is profiled or not.
Unlimited length of part
The C-1203 has External flow valve that allow you to adjust the speed of the sliding table according to the thickness, width & density of the wood you are profiling.
Cycle time adjustable from 4 to 10 seconds
Dust Hood with 5” port, CFM’s required 1000
THK style rails for guidance of carriage stroke and hold down clamp.
Side pressure clamp insures proper alignment with fence.
The C-1203 meets UL & CSA Electrical Standards.
Now with PLC Micro Processor
Machine weight 1,939 lbs. (+/-)


PMK Family, LLC

7521 Willow Springs Drive

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